Question making skill

Up until this point, students are able to make simple sentences with simple tenses and are able to do the 自制アクティビティwithout much effort. Students are also able to answer simple questions to keep the conversation going. However, students are not able to continue the conversations because of lacking of question-asking skills. The goal of Day 1 is to create the habit of questions asking for students by introducing 5W1H.



1.Ice Break (15 mins)


  • What did you do last weekend?
  • What did you do today?
  • What are you going to do next week?
  • What are you going to do tomorrow?



Questions about you:

  • Are you tall?
  • Are you a nurse?
  • Are you a student?
  • Are you skinny?
  • Are you Japanese?
  • Are you Korean?
  • Are you from Tokyo?
  • Do you speak French?
  • Do you like English?
  • Did you study English at school?
  • Do you cook every day?
  • Did you meet your friends yesterday?



  • What is your favourite movie/TV show?
  • Is it comedy?
  • Is it horror?
  • Is it Japanese?
  • Is it American?
  • Is it long?
  • Is it scary?
  • Is it new?
  • Who is your idol/favourite singer/actor?
  • Is he/she Japanese?
  • Is he/she young?
  • Is he/she good at singing/acting etc?
  • Is he/she tall?
  • Is he/she handsome/pretty/cute?
  • Does he/she sing/dance/act?
  • Does he/she
  • How many people are there in your family?
  • Are they living with you?
  • Are they kind?
  • Are they close with you?
  • Do they like sports? games?
  • Do they work?
  • When did you last travel?
  • Was it fun?
  • Was it tiring?
  • Was it far away from your house?
  • Was it expensive?
  • Did you have fun?
  • Where does your best friend live? / Where is your best friend’s house?
  • Is it far away from your house?
  • Is it in the same city as you?
  • Which Japanese food do you like the most?
  • Is it spicy?
  • Is it salty?
  • Is it easy to make?
  • Is it Japanese?
  • Why do you want to learn English?

=> In all the questions above, how were the yes/no questions made?


Yes No質問



I like sushi.

Do you like sushi?

I am happy.

Are you happy?

I am tall.

Are you tall?

He is American.

Is he American?

He speaks French.

Does he speak French?

We are late.

Are we late?

They are students.

Are they students?

My father is a teacher.

Is your father a teacher?

She likes orange juice.

Does she like orange juice?

He doesn’t like baseball

Does he like baseball?

They are from Australia.

Are they from Australia?

The cake tastes good.

Does the cake taste good?

My brother lives in London.

Does your brother live in London?

I play basketball.

Do you play basketball?

Japan is very beautiful.

Is Japan beautiful?

I like reading.

Do you like reading?

=> How to answer Yes/No question

  • If the question starts with Be動詞:
  • Yes, S+ Be
  • No, S+ Be not
  • If the question starts with Do/Does or other verbs:
  • Yes, S + do/does (V)
  • No, S + do not (don’t) /does not (doesn’t) (V+not)


Yes No質問答え方

Do you have a job?

Yes, I do. / No, I don’t

Do you like carrot?


Does your best friend/sister/mother have long hair?


Do tigers eat vegetables?


Are you a student?


Are you Japanese?


Is your brother older than you?


Do you have a dog?


Is your dog big?





Answer these questions: (Maybe teacher can type out the questions or make the students write the questions down)


Question: What is this?
Answer: This is an invitation letter.


Question: Who invited you?
Answer: Mickey Mouse.


Question: Where is the party?
Answer: At Mickey Mouse House, Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba Prefecture, Urayasu City


Question: When is the party?
Answer: On Sunday, June 1st, 2006


Question: Why does Mickey Mouse have a party?
Answer: It’s his birthday.

英語では5W1HというQuestion wordsがある。これ全部覚えたらすぐ質問することができます。とりあえずこれで5Wを覚えましたよね!もう一度教えてください!

5WをQuestion words と呼ぶ

  •   What・・・何を
  •   Who・・・誰が
  •   When・・・いつ
  •   Where・・どこで
  •   Why・・・なぜ



I live in Ireland.

Where do you live?

She is my sister.

Who is she?

I go to work at 8 o’clock.

When do you go to work?

My birthday is in December.

When is your birthday?

I am wearing a jacket because it is cold.

Why are you wearing a jacket?

They went to Italy.

Where did they go?

He is watching a movie.

What is he watching?

He has a meeting at 2pm.

When does he have a meeting?

They go to school in Kyoto.

Where do they go to school?

Because he wanted to see Kangaroo, he went to Australia.

Why did he go to Australia?

=> How to make a question?

3-3. Whichの使い方

5W とは言ってももう一つのWがあります!日本語では「どれ」、英語はなんでしょう?そう!Whichです!いつ使う?チョイスがある時、日本語と同じ使い方です。

  • Which bus goes to Tokyo station?
  • Which way did he go?
  • Which one do you prefer: meat or vegetable?

こちらの質問の作り方は何が違う?そうです、Which + 名詞 (チョイスがあるから)。What  + 名詞の使い方と同じですね。


  • What food do you like?
  • What country do you want to go to?
  • What sports do you play?

他のQuestion words は+名詞しません!!!!


How の疑問文ですね!どういう意味ですか?

How・・・どうやって / どのくらい/どう

Make questions

How – Level 1:


  • How are you?
  • How is she?
  • How is your grandmother?


How – Level 2:


  • How much? (いくら)
  • How many? (どのぐらい?)
  • How often? (どのくらい頻繁に)

How – Level 3:


How + 形容詞 (どのぐらい)

  • How old are you?
  • How big are your shoes?
  • How far is it from your house to work/school?
  • How long have you played soccer?
  • How difficult was the English test?

How – Level 4:

How do you/do they/does he/does she + V: どうやって?

  • How do you go to school/work? – By bus
  • How do you make this cake? – With the cake mix.
  • How do you make this picture? – I used photoshop.

How to answer How (method) questions



I am fine, thank you.

How are you?

My mother is fine, thank you?

How is your mother?

I go to work by bus.

How do you go to work?

I made this bicycle by hand.

How did you make this bicycle?

I am 40 years old.

How old are you?

This river is 20 km long.

How long is this river?

He is 180cm tall.

How tall is he?

I play tennis twice a week.

How often do you play tennis?


  • What・・・何を
  • Who・・・誰が
  • When・・・いつ
  • Where・・どこで
  • Why・・・なぜ
  • Which・・どれ
  • How・・・どうやって / どのくらい/どう

5.Final exercise

I will introduce myself. Please ask me 5W1H questions! (6W1H is even better!)

 Please listen to me!

Hi! My name is Thao. I am 27 years old. I lived in Japan from 2011 to 2019. Now, I am living in Ireland but I miss Japan very much. When I was in Japan, I went to work every day by train. I don’t like trains in the morning because it is very crowded.  I love all Japanese food but I hate natto and uni.

I like watching movies. I also like playing the piano. I have been playing the piano for 10 years. My favourite piano artist is Lang Lang because he is very talented. He is Chinese.


  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • When did you live in Japan?
  • Where are you living now?
  • How did you go to work?
  • Why don’t you like trains?
  • What food do you like/hate?
  • Which Japanese food do you hate?
  • What movies do you like?
  • How long have you played piano? (Tenseは間違っても良い!)